Chuck Fishman Photography
Buddhist monk musicians greet the monk king from Temple rooftop while he makes his way to his winter palace. Boy monk in foreground. Kingdom of Bhutan. 2004 Marcus Mongwa, Sepik River artist, holding a sculpture he made containing human hair. Kaminabit Village, Middle Sepik, Papua New Guinea 1983 Girls chorus at folkloric festival in the Tatra mountains of southern Poland. 1979 Sheep Rancher. New South Wales, Australia 1981 Earnest conversation. Warsaw, Poland 1979 Handball. Spanish Harlem, NYC. 1985
 Altar boys in Lisieux, France following Pope John Paul II outdoor mass. 1980 Wedding Boys.
Thimphu, Bhutan 2004 Kingston, Jamaica Emerging bride.
Lowicz, Poland 1979 Farm couple on their bed. Raciborsko, Poland 1979 Trumpeter, St. Mary's Church tower. Krakow, Poland 1979 Buddhist monk musicians on temple rooftop.
Kingdom of Bhutan, 2004 Fans outside Presley mausoleum after funeral.
Memphis, Tennessee 1977 Grandma of the bride. Chinatown, NYC Medina of Fez, Morocco 1988 Warsaw, Poland Fiat car factory, Poland Exhausted drummer with Doc Paulin's brass band.  New Orleans 1978 Father and daughter. Krakow, Poland 1979 Washing rug. Istanbul, Turkey 1979 Subway conductor. NYC 1983 Beekeeper. Chinacual, Guatemala 1993 Dog walker. Krakow, Poland 1979 Dog and couple on moped with 108 stupas. Dochula Pass, Bhutan 2004 Pyramids. Giza, Egypt Soccer stadium. Warsaw, Poland 1979 St. Stanislaw day procession. Krakow, Poland 1979 Village woman, Jufureh, The Gambia Teacher and student in classroom on traditional dress day. Tabubil, Papua New Guinea 1983 Zen archer practicing the Japanese martial art of Kyudo (way of the bow) on National Sports Day. Tokyo, Japan 1983 Curb ball, Spanish Harlem, NYC 1978 Krakow, Poland Friendly secret. Fez, Morocco 1988