Chuck Fishman Photography
Soviet Union communist party chairman Leonid Brezhnev photographed in Belgrade, Yugoslavia Pope John Paul ll photographed in Poland Egyptian President Anwar Sadat photographed in Cairo, Egypt Solidarity Union leader and future president Lech Walesa photographed in Gdansk, Poland Photographed in NYC Senator Edward Kennedy photographed in Boston, Mass. Chinese communist party chairman Deng Zhou Ping photographed in Wash. D.C. Jazz legend Count Basie photographed in Minneapolis/St. Paul Subway conductor photographed in NYC Gdansk, Poland Pope John Paul ll photographed in Paris, France Cemetery caretaker photographed in Lodz, Poland 90-year-old midwife photographed in Jacaltenango, Guatemala Gold miner photographed at Mt. Fubilan in western Papua New Guinea Photographed throughout Switzerland Fund managers photographed in New Jersey Marriott Hotels Marriott Hotels Israel Tourist Board Israel Tourist Board Cigna Sheraton Hotels Israel Tourist Board Marriott Hotels Marriott Hotels Memorial Sloan Kettering 3M Corporation Marriott Hotels Marriott Hotels Ruthie and Gussie's New York Life report to Policyholders